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What is it like being a full time martial artist? What’s it like being on the road most of the year? What am I working on in my own personal game? What am I experimenting with? What’s it like to be me? What drives me nuts? What do I find difficult?

These are great questions, but answers only a really good friend of mine would know. This is what I want this list to be about, real, honest, open connection. To be honest, I am sooooo tired of all the ‘fakeness’ of social media. Like I said in the video, it’s great and all, but there’s no real connection, no real relationship, it’s transient, measured only by seconds.

With this list, I want to connect with real people, who really care about my work, and who want to have an inside scoop to my life, my work, and my passion. I just don’t think social media is the place for that. Not withstanding that I am slowly moving away from personally being involved with social media itself. Eventually, anything you see up there from me, really isn’t from me personally (as in I spent the time to type it out or post it up individually), but rather automated. The less I have to look at Facebook the better to be honest. It’s so negative, fake, and depressing.

If you want to connect with the real me, and know when you talking to me via email, or skype, or what ever other virtual gatherings I create, you will know it’s from me and only me. Like I said in the video, I want to know I am talking to the right people. Not just someone that has a passive interest in what I do, but rather a person who genuinely wants to be apart of my journey, and my inner circle – and maybe, just maybe, learn so cool stuff you can apply too! That’s why I have always loved teaching real people, right in front of me. The best part of all of it, is when we sit around after training and just chat about everything under the sun.

Up for it? Fill in the form below. You will be hearing directly from me going forward! Make sure you check your inbox, it’s the only way you will know I put something out (it will always be labelled Mat/Street/Life). Nothing that happens through this list, will be posted anywhere else. So if you not on the list, you will never know.

This is also an experiment, an experiment in seeing if this virtual platform we have all become accustomed too, can generate real connection – only time will tell.

Thank you for signing up, I am really looking forward to connecting with you!

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